Get Started

To get started, please provide:

  • All bank & credit card statements for business to date
  • All expense receipts (We mean, ALL; everything on your business debit or credit cards, for your tools, supplies, fuel, meals, etc.)
  • Utility bills; including how and when paid
  • Invoices & sales information
  • Deposit book with details
  • Vehicle insurance, lease, repairs, maintenance info.
  • All documents from purchasing vehicles and equipment
  • All HST info (when registered)
  • Corporation/partnership details
  • TD1 forms for all employees
  • All payroll info. to date
  • Payroll advance info. to date; including date and cheque #
  • Subcontractors info & how paid (WCB payable?)
  • List of assets with their values
  • Books from previous bookkeeper, if applicable

What happens once you drop off your files:

  1. We will analyze source documents
  2. Customize a Chart of Accounts
  3. Input expenses & income
  4. Reconcile bank and credit card statements
  5. Do payroll, if needed
  6. Complete HST remittances
  7. Communicate with your accountant to save you money at tax time
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